Cleaning Granite in Your Toronto Home

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How to Clean the Granite in Your Toronto Home

If you have invested the time and money in a home renovation with granite in your Toronto home, then you know it was a job that you only wanted to do once. You chose a product that will not only hold up to the demands placed on a busy kitchen or bathroom, but one that will also provide a timeless elegance for many years.
The key to keeping the granite in your Toronto home looking just as beautiful and new as when you installed it is to ensure that you are cleaning and maintaining it properly. You probably already know that one of the biggest benefits of granite is the ease in which this can be done.
There are two recommended ways to clean your granite and granite slab counters. Using a kitchen countertop as an example, the following is a brief overview of both of these simple and effective methods of cleaning.

Regular Liquid Dishwashing Soap to Clean Granite in Your Toronto Home

Some of the most common kitchen countertop messes your granite will be exposed to are cause by items like coffee grounds, sugar, milk, and other cooking and baking ingredients. These can be easily and quickly cleaned with regular liquid dishwashing soap.

Tools you need for this method:

  • Soft sponge (preferably one that does not have a scouring side)
  • A dry soft cloth or paper towel
  • Regular liquid dishwashing soap
  • A small plastic container
  • Warm water


  1. Grab a container and put just a dab of dish soap in it.
  2. Add a small amount of warm water.
  3. Insert the sponge in the mixture and wring it out slightly. You want your sponge to be damp, but not wet.
  4. Wipe off the counters in circular motions collecting any dirt, grime or spills in the sponge. You should be able to feel and see the dirt on the bottom of the sponge. If your sponge is the kind that has an abrasive side to it, be very diligent to only use the soft side.
  5. Once you’ve cleaned the counters, rinse out the sponge in warm water. Wring out and rinse the sponge well so that no soap is left on it.
  6. Using only warm water (make sure your sponge is slightly damp) and wipe over the surface you have just cleaned with the soap and water mixture.
  7. Then take your soft cloth or paper towel and wipe off the countertop to ensure that it is dry.
When using the dish soap method to clean your granite, the most important thing to remember is to rinse off all the soap. Dish washing soap will leave a residue that, over time, will build up considerably and diminish the shine of your counters.

Dedicated Natural Stone Cleaner to Clean Granite in Your Toronto Home

This method is recommended for use once a week and for times when there is minimal mess on the counter.

Tools you need for this method:

  • A couple of soft cloths or rags
  • Dedicated natural stone cleaner


  1. Give the counter a quick wipe with a clean, dry soft cloth to ensure that you’ve cleaned up any debris.
  2. Grab a clean cloth and spray the dedicated natural stone cleaner directly onto the cloth.
  3. Work the cleaner into the granite in a circular motion.
  4. With another clean, dry cloth, dry any excess product off of the countertop.
Regularly using the  dedicated natural stone cleaner method will not only keep the granite in your Toronto home clean, it will also protect it from staining because these types of products contain a small amount of sealer in their composition.
For more detail on cleaning and maintenance for your granite in Toronto look to a reputable importer and distributor of marble and granite for all the tips and tricks you need.